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October 21, 2007


So, in September we asked people to submit some post-rolls - aka the short clips you see when you vote “funny” or “die” on the site. Thanks to everyone who submitted, we got a lot of great clips but could only pick one. It was like “Sophie’s Choice.” Only worse.

Perhaps you’ve seen the winning post-roll when you vote “funny” – it’s a short clip of some dude laughing. I wanted to give props to Jake McCook, who submitted the clip.

Here’s what Jake has to say about himself in an e-mail: “I have been a T.V./film editor for 6 years. I've always loved filmmaking and my cousin Ryan Schlecht who is the man laughing in the video and who also portrays "satan boy" in my uploaded movie How I Beat Rammstein and I would love to give him a shout out.”

I was going to write back and hit on Jake, but the truth is, he sounds like a really nice guy. And for me, nice is an enormous turn-off. So, way to go, Jake, you're not only off the hook, you're also off the hook. Think about that last sentence, everyone. It takes awhile, but it makes sense.