Taraji P. Henson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and brought with her some spoofs to go with the show’s signature goofs. Together, those spoofs and goofs plus Henson and the cast made an episode with lots of sketches in it—one about Hillary Clinton announcing her presidential run, one about Game of Thrones, and definitely a third and fourth sketch in there, all of which I could talk about here, or in the later paragraphs as a way to introduce the videos. I thought about it and definitely the second option is better!

With the real Hillary Clinton announcing her 2016 presidential bid on Sunday, Kate McKinnon predicted what that announcement might look like for the episode’s cold open. A very special guest appearance in this sketch will leave you asking questions like, “Did he have to sprint to get to the announcer booth real fast after this sketch was done so that he could say the cast’s names?” and, “How far is the announcer booth from the stage anyways?” and, “Is Darrell Hammond a fast runner? Just wondering!“

Besides Clinton’s announcement, the other big Sunday event that called for spoofing was the Game of Thrones premiere. In this mashup of GoT x Boyz n the Hood, everyone wears fantasy outfits, and there’s another special guest! This time, I won’t tell who it is, except that it’s not Darrell Hammond, which is fine since he wouldn’t make that much sense in this sketch.

A later mashup-spoof looked very different from the Game of Thrones one, in part because all of Henson’s costars were Muppets. The astute reader will notice that Taraji P. Henson’s last name is the same as Muppets creator Jim Henson, which goes unmentioned in this sketch but only because SNL’s busy finding every other plausible connection between Sesame Street and Empire.

Towards the end of the night, Henson starred in a “Cinema Classics” sketch that not only tackled race and gender discrimination but also skewered whoever made the widely accepted rules for women’s softball. Finally!

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