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May 03, 2009


Here I am. One more social networking site that contains information about my personal likes, dislikes, preferences,doubts, fears, joys, desires, wants, needs, proclivities, talents, apprehensions, D.O.B., living vicinities, and other varietal information that I would probably feel uncomfortable divulging even to a paid psychiatrist. But anonymity makes it all acceptable to me.
If anyone happens to fall upon this page, I am sorry there's nothing fun on it. I don't like posting videos of me talking incessantly into a camera about things that I think are funny in an attempt to flesh out my stand-up routine. That's because I don't have a stand-up routine. I do, however, do improvisational and sketch and video and musical and animation and text-based comedy via my comedy troika, Pepper Ranch. Check us out at:  www.funnyordie.com/pepperranch. There, shameless self-promotion: done. Time for a glass of iced tea.

-Christopher M. Moreland

P.S. Anonymity - ruined!!!