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May 25, 2010


So, I wrote a blog in my Facebook the other day regarding the way that generations of family, not only run in our blood, but also can be seen in our faces. For example, this big nose of mine that I've hated forever is my Grandmother's nose. Now that my Grandma has passed away, and because I miss her so much, I kind of love my nose now.  I love seeing her in myself, and I'm so grateful that I never had a nose job or compromised my looks because I see more and more all the time, not just in my own reflection, but in my daughter's face also, this emalgamation of generations that live on in us. 
It's cool. 
It's a sacriledge that young women and more and more men just go in to snip and polish these "imperfections" without the slightest realization that they are removing essentially WHO they are from their faces!
With this thought in mind, I spent a bit of time yesterday milling the internet trying to get an image of Robert of Bruce, who is apparantly my great, great, great,  700 years of great grandfather of mine.  I don't pretend to know as much as I should about my heritage, and my information has been handed down to me from an Aunt who is very zealous in persuing geneaology...so she might be right, but I'm certainly not writing this to make any kind of "fame claim".  It just occurred to me that if he is of relation, maybe I would see some resemblance in a painting or sculpture.  The answer to that is : not really. LOL
BUT!!! Here's the cool part!   
I read the Wiki, and I now want to read pretty much anything I can find because I'm so captivated by it, but according the the Wiki, Robert's father and brothers gave their loyalty to the English...Robert was sort of "not so much", but he went along because they were one of about 3 families that were given favor (allowed to keep their lands), based on giving loyalty to the English.  BUT!! Part of the deal was Robert was supposed to hand over his first born to the monarchy and when the time came, he DIDN'T do that and, in fact, flipped sides at around that point and began being apart of the Resistance type movement.  At some point, his first wife and that child were hung in cages for MONTHS, and Robert was excommunicated, etc.  Lots of drama.
SO, it turns out this first born child and the only child from his first marriage, Marjorie, is supposedly my great. great, 700 years of great grandmother, as she married Walter Stewart, and my Grandmother's family are all descendants of the Stewart Clan!  So, if Robert of Bruce had been a pussy and handed off Marjorie to the Monarchy, yours truly would not be here right now typing this blog!  An act of  defiance 700 years ago essentially gave me life!  Also, Marjorie fell or was thrown off a horse late in pregnancy and died, but the baby survived, so AGAIN! My existance was almost foiled!!
So, I'm finding this all so cool and I pick up the phone to call my Dad to ask him some stuff and he answers on the first ring.  He's laughing and he says "Paige, I literally picked up the phone and I was JUST sitting down to call you! It's like the phone dialled itself!"
That was cool.  BUT!! Even cooler! I tell my dad what I've been doing and he laughs for a while and then explains to me that HE HAD SPENT THE DAY researching our anscestors, but on my Grandfather's side!!  
Isn't that wild???
It's energy, I truly believe believe that it is Energy.  I think my Grandpa and Grandma were sending us a message that they love us and were drawing us together, reminding us that we're family :)
I just thought that was neat.