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July 03, 2008


So...I'm finally home. I'm enjoying my amazing bed, having trouble adjusting to the time change though. Drove for the first time in a month today, it was nice. But guess what I'm doing all these things without.......my luggage.??My bags were supposed to be delivered last night at 8:30pm. Conveniently I was asleep... when I woke up around 2am, I did not see them in my room but did not think anything of it. I went for a run around 6:20 and when I got back at like 7:20...my parents were awoken by my arrival. I inquired about my bags and they said that the did not come last night. Cool. They suggested I call.??I got around to calling about an hour ago. First, I looked them up online...there was no record. WHY DID THAT NOT SURPRISE ME? I called American Airlines...twice, because the first time I got disconnected. ??I finally get through to them and I speak with a lady. I give her my record locator and she cannot find it. I give her my tag numbers,....I had the wrong locator because the top half of the receipt was cut off. Another thing I notice on the receipt is that nowhere on it does my name appear. Instead, I see a lady by the name of Stefani Matson's name above MY address. ??"It says here that you flew from Barcelona to London....."?"Yes, and that is where my bags got left. My flight was running late."?"Ok...what was the name on the bags?"?"Meibergen."?"Did you travel with a Stefani Matson, because that is whose name appears on the baggage receipt?"?"No....I have no idea who she is but her name does appear on my receipt."??Apparently I was not the only tired one when I arrived in Oklahoma City...Tammi was as well. ??But seriously....WHAT ARE THE ODDS????????? After all the traveling fiasco, my bags are floating around somewhere and I'm not sure where...I just want my things back. :(