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July 13, 2011

Cutting your husbands manhood off and throwing it in a garbage disposal? That is sooo 90s.

Catherine Kieu Becker, the Southern California housewife who recently cut off the penis of her estranged husband with a butcher knife before throwing it into a garbage disposal, reportedly became doubly enraged with her husband’s blasé attitude toward the impromptu dongectomy.

According to a police report, Becker said her husband, whom she had tied to a bed before cutting off Mr. Happy, did indeed react to the pain, but also giggled at her and chided her for expressing her criminally insane anger in such a clichéd manner.

“Cutting off a man’s pecker is soooooo ’93,” said the husband as written in the police report. The husband allegedly went on to say “Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Lorena. What’s next, are you going to throw on a pair of parachute pants and declare it to be ‘hammer time?’”

Apparently it was this statement that encouraged Becker to throw her husband’s John Thomas into a garbage disposal.

Becker’s husband, whose name is unknown at present, is still hospitalized but is reportedly in stable condition.

Becker has been charged with felony torture and aggravated mayhem, charges that could keep her in prison for the remainder of her life if convicted.

Parts of the severed tube-steak were later recovered but the current status of the schlong is unknown.