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November 05, 2009


No,that's what gave me the black eyes which are gone now. I got a new place when I ain't gotta live with anybody. Nobody's fist in my left eye cause I'm in the bathroom. Though,there's another bathroom. And,the psychopathic asshole supposedly wanted to wash his face. There's two other sinks at Slaughterhouse Jive he could have got to. That's the nickname I gave to the old horrible soul-crushing rooming house. Shit, I'll gladly piss on the guy's face if he needs to wash it that badly. Solitude and freedom is a beautiful thing. Last night, I inflated my air mattress and it took me over like the blob. I wish I had a video clip of it. All of a sudden,I'm in a Buster Keaton/Marx bros. movie. I love going to the bathroom and eating my meals in peace. Shit, I can think. I can read. I can write,cartoon,practice my stand-up,fart,run around naked,jerk-off and no explain myself no ignorant muthafucking AA 12-stepping old-timer whose life is miserable! First time in 4 years since Hurricane Katrina I got my own apartment and I'm loving every second of it!