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This is just MY OPINION on the state of the music industry and some of its most "popular" genres.

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May 24, 2012

Keep listening to dubstep and rappers rapping about Bentleys and millions of dollars because that phase will pass.

Ever since Y2K, the music industry has produced A LOT of shitty musicians (in my opinion). When you take a look at some of the newer musicians, a lot of them are carbon copies of one another. From country musicians singing about beer and NASCAR (SO ORIGINAL!) to whoever is making that shitty "robots having an orgy" music people call dubstep, the 2000's have produced a lot of terrible songs. So I'm going to pick on a few types of music that makes me wanna throw myself into oncoming traffic naked. First, good ol' country music.

Country music was made by Satan, first off. Want to hear some good music? Listen to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, not Dierks Bentley or fuckin Kenny Chesney. Kenny Chesney is like a The Notebook if the movie were a person; just a sad, sad man that sings about bullshit only women and clueless men listen to. I can somewhat understand why a lot of women love country, because they're emotional creatures. I say this because I went through a country phase, I thought it was the COOLEST... until I woke up and realized that every single country song is the exact same. Singing about drinking beer by some random river or some woman that left you. BOO FUCKING HOO. If you're country folk, living on a farm and doing farm stuff (riding cows?) and you grew up with your parents listening to country, then I can somewhat understand. I just can't grasp how anyone can listen to shit when every song is pretty much the same... its like buying a bag of plain Ruffles and plain Lays; they're both just salted, greasy potatoes.

The next type of music is what I like to call "radio rap." There is a large difference between hip-hop and rap music, call A Tribe Called Quest rap and they'd punch you square in the taint. I can't stand when I walk into a bar, and they're bumping some shitty new rap music with some rich ass dude rapping about having millions of dollars and 10 Ferraris. Not one person where you're at listening to that shit has a million bucks or a mansion with a "pool full of bitches." Half of the stuff they're saying in the songs you can't even understand. If you're going to make a rap song, don't eat spoonfuls of sour cream and baby vomit before stepping up to the mic. Lil Wayne was a better musician in the 90's and early 2000's when he was a child. No one cares about Wayne's dumb fucking lollipop, or how there is sweat dripping down Lil John's balls. You know they're a bunch of morons when every other rapper has "Lil" in their name. You're a grown ass man, shut the fuck up "Lil Pooper." Ask most people, and they'll tell you that 90's hip-hop is MUCH better than this shit that gets overplayed on the radio. "Racks On Racks On Racks"? Really? More like "Diahrrea On Vomit On Piss."

Last, but not least, is this new music people call "dubstep." This shit downright makes me upset. What the fuck is it? It ain't music, that's for sure. It can't be music when there isn't one god damn instrument being played and little to no vocals. It sounds like a Transformers orgy. Optimus Prime is secretly playing his sex tapes for all of the idiots to hear. I'd rather listen to a room full of sheep being slowly murdered than a single dubstep song. Yeah, let's get a massive room, fill it with dusgusting sweaty fat people high on ecstacy and play them some bullshit that sounds like Wall-E getting raped by a large house cat. Don't worry folks, this is the new disco and it'll be gone very soon, especially if John Travolta decides to do a movie based on this genre of music. If someone I am around turns on a dubstep song, my initial reaction is to immediately slam a large vase over there head. Freddy Mercury would give everyone AIDS if he knew what was going on with this dubstep BS.

In conclusion, the people not listening to any of these 3 genres of music shouldn't worry. Most people will grow up and listen to what their parents listened to. There are some newer musicians, like The Black Keys and Jack White that are brilliant. I once owned Marilyn Manson, Puff Daddy & The Family, and the Godzilla soundtrack albums all in the same damn CD case, so I once had a bad taste in music. Now, I listen to great bands like Pink Floyd and Hootie And The Blowfish (oh by the way, why are these damn dolphins making Darius Rucker cry? What the fuck is up, dolphins?). I went through phases of listening to shitty music like The Ying Yang Twins and... ugh... Creed. If there's a God, and he let me go through a phase where I was actually mouthing the words of Creed songs, then God doesn't have a good taste in music lets just say. Bottom line, you'll end up listening to great music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's 90's. Eddie Vedder will always beat the living dicks out of Skrillex any day of the year. I think Kurt Cobain killed himself because he realized that music was going downhill... or it could've been the drugs, yeah probably the drugs.