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May 08, 2012

I am 56 and stand 6ft 9" tall weigh 300 lbs and want to be a stand-up comic. I am starting late in life I know but always wanted to try this...

It's not easy being a giant... I worry about things that no normal sized person has to. I worry about doorways and doorstoppers I worry about cieling fans.These items are like landmines in the sky to me. When I enter a room not only do I have to duck I also have to desifer where or not the blades of the fans will harm me. It's not easy being a giant....airplanes and their seats volkswagen and sunroofs open to drive them.Movie theaters and their seats,beds,and my sex fantasys are all major problems for me .

                         My vital stats : I stand 6ft 9" tall, weigh in @300lbs, Jewish (altacocker ), Shoe size 15eee and wait for it....yes I have a small penis.....I have no problem making fun of myself and enjoy making people laugh.

I have decided to start a comic career and am willing to give 15% of myself in contract form to anyone who can help me reach my goal...On a .Las Vegas by the end of the year

                                                                        I joined this site for the exposure and hope someone will lend a hand up (you'll have to stand on a ladder to do that).....Ive been told I am a funny person and easily well liked..........Big Mitch