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November 21, 2008


Ok, so, since I talk about darts, and my awesome dart team, all the time... and, since our season ended last night... I'm gonna explain our dart league set-up, and the games we play, so that all who are interested are on the same page...

Ok... so in any given week of play, we play 6 games of single's 301, and 6 games of partners cricket...

301: Each player begins with a starting score of 301 points, (minus any hadicap given by the goofy little rule book we have, but this is unimportant) and each dart you throw subtracts from your score, unless you hit outside the scoring area, AKA: the black part.
The objective of the game is to reach 0, exactly, before your opponent. If you, say, have 14 points remaining, and hit a 15 by accident, you "Bust", remain at 14, and lose any remaining darts for that turn.

Cricket: Each player (or team, in this case) must "close", AKA, score three times in, each of the following board segments, in no particular order: 20's, 19's, 18's, 17's, 16's, 15's and bullseye's...
If one team happens to "close" a number on the board, and the other team has yet to "close" that same number, any subsequent darts that strike the "closed" number, on the "closed" team's turn, scores points for the "closed" team, until the other team also "closes" that number. The game is won by the team who "closes" all their numbers first and has the most points.

Of course, gotta explain the board, just for posterity's sake.... 20 segments, labeled (ironically) 1-20... bullseye in the center of the board, the outer ring of the board is worth double the points (or "marks" in cricket) of that segment, the small inner ring is worth triple, the center piece of the bullseye, AKA: the red-eye, counts as a double bullseye (in all dart rules I've encountered, at least..)

Ok... now that I've ensured that I look like an over-anylitical tool.... and everyone is on the same page...

Our 301 games are worth 2 points each match, Crickets are worth 1 point, and there is a tie breaker bonus point, based off of which team had fewer points remaining in all of their 301 games that night.

That being said.... We finished the season 3-11.... and fell last night 16-3...

We were just whole heartedly outshot by a playoff team.... so outshot they actually have a good shot of moving up to 3rd place, which is a much more desirable playoff spot... Since they don't have to face the undefeated 1st place team in the first round...

And... I got humiliated in my 301... I shot like the south end of a north bound dog...

But hey, there's always next season... and as is our team motto... "Fuck It!"

- Kenny G.