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May 16, 2009


Renoir has always been my favorite French Impressionist. This does not mean that I like EVERY painting he's ever done. Get some perspective;young fod. people and artists.
Renoir started painting well past his youth,even well past"middle age." He started turning out his amazing and breathtaking master pieces in his mid sixties.
I recently saw Joan Rivers on tv on the "logo"station,it was a recent performance that she did in the United Kingdom. To me there isn't a better young,middle aged,nor senior comedian in America that can touch her.
I would appreciate it if people send me only their own work and not other peoples; especially not if the work is that of artists under the age of thirty. I just do not have the time for it and usually because I'm busy keeping the" cript "I don't have the time to enjoy it.Thank you so much!