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September 25, 2008


Y'all are going to think I've gone mad...but the laid back New Zealand life has got to me and while we were traveling in the thermal district I went to a Polynesian Spa and had...ready for this...a mud body polish!! No kidding. They rub mud and crushed up almond shells all over you and then wash it off in a thing that looks like a car wash, only you're laying down. That was the weirdest thing. But it gave me a idea for Panther County. Maybe we'll open a spa near Panther Glen where all the rich folks live. We can do a special mud bath with the mud from Owen's pig pen, smashed up pecan shells and maybe some orange juice. I'll work on it when we get back.

We went to a place called Mt. Maunganui and it turned out to be a beach, not a mountain. Huh? But it was pretty nice and we saw a New Zealand movie called Rain of the Children. This ain't Hollywood! Kind of a story about a woman who thought she was under a curse 'cause everyone she knew died. I can identify.

I was the first customer at a new shop called Pacifically New Zealand and they give me flowers. That made me very happy. So I dragged them flowers down the country to a place called Gisborne where we stayed in a luxury hotel beside a construction site, overlooking a tranquil junkyard, across the road from the Professional Saw Services shop. Very nice.

What's funny is: the New Zealanders talk real funny...but they think I talk real funny, especially when I lay on the Panther County accent real thick. Today we're off to see the vineyards in Hawk's Bay. I hear they make good wine. Maybe I'll have some. Goodbye for now, my little possums. More later when I find another internet.