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August 19, 2009


So today as I check my fod email I get this letter and thought this might be good, and here is my response to said letter hope you enjoy.
 naw thats okay can't help you it would be a violation of my good common sense. good luck

Dear person I do not know,
I felt in our best interest if I responded not just with the few words above but with a heart felt messege like the one you sent me.
First sorry for your loss, he sounds like he was a great man too bad his ass was dumb as fuck, how dare he hae you hide money when he knew he was going to die and leave you with the position of lying around with nothing. And by liying I mean this con thing.
And for you to have to find someone you can trust to swindle out of whatever money. But see your not the only one that has wrote me and on sites that are so rando, if I didn't know any better I would say it is spam or a hoax.
Well in any case there aint a damn thang I can do and I doubt the truthfulness from you.
good to know your not dead.
Love a bitch you do not know

  On Jul 20, 2009 08:30 AM, rbelen wrote: >Hello Dear, > >Forgive me for contacting you like this but please i am in desperate need of your assistance, My Name is Raga Belen,the wife of Mr.Raga Zaldy Ubatay.vice mayor of Lumban. who was recently kilaled in the Philippine by gunmen on (fourth Oct.thousand and seven) > >Well during the threat on my late husband life,he gave me a total of fourteen million for the upkeeping/future of our children and asks me to put it in a metallic box and deposit it in a security and finance company in abroad just in case anything ever happen to him. > >I did deposit it as he gave it to me under a secret arrangement as a family treasure. This means that the security company does not know the content of this metallic box. > >Since the death of my late husband,the philippine state government has blocked i and my late husband accounts through the help of my late husband family. Also my late husband brothers has succeeded in collecting from me all our assests that is under my control and they are still looking for more. > >Now the reason I am contacting you is because I want you to help me secure the sum that i depsoited in the security company for the future of my children. Since my late husband family made it impossible for me to move out of my late husband house in philippine > >Please do tell me if i can trust you as who will not sit on this sum when you claim it. I am willing to give you fifteen percent of the sum in that box that i deposited after you have successfully secured it, for your assistance to me. For safety reasons so write to me, >my email is belenraga70@yahoo.com.ph > > Best regards >Mrs.Belen Raga