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January 26, 2009


Live Journal Entry January 21st:

Dear International Auto Show,

As a member of the driving community, I am concerned at the amount of vehicles at your show that didnt have door handles.
How are people supposed to get in and drive said cars, if there isnt a handle to open the door?

Oh, there are electronic buttons, you say?
Well, that seems to concern me a great deal also. Having to press and electronic button to open the door of ones car means a great deal of reliance on technology, which we know ALWAYS functions properly... And then what does one do? The robot is broken, the doors wont open.

I like to think that we should live by one rule: NEVER EVER EVER RELY ON ROBOTS. THEY WILL MALFUNCTION.

Trust me, Ive seen "I, Robot." Look it up.

Nevertheless, Thanks for bringing this old friend.

Yeah, it is the talking bug from the commercials....

As always, you stay classy, Auto Show.
Oh, and a piece of advice: maybe bring some DIFFERENT LOOKING CARS next year.
Morgan Warju

Follow Up Entry January 26th:

Am I right, or am I right?