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January 15, 2011

What I hate about terrorist.

The thing that I hate the most about terrorist is how they can just make wild statements from a cave and believe they are going to a place with all these virgin women. Why would any man want to go to a place with a bunch of women to complain to them all day. "Did you move the rocks out of the cave today, my mother would like not to fall!!"

It would be interesting to see where they really end up. In fact I am asking Peter at the gates where all the terrorist go. My guess is they get sent to Detroit. Its a cold hell without any virgins.

I wonder if it is religion that they get born into like being catholic, and if the daughters are allowed to bring home men of a different sect? Imagine the teenage terrorist coming home drunk and parking the mule on the front dirt lot, no virgins for him. Of course, what kind of virgins are they. You could go to Jenny Craig's and find a lot of virgins there and you wouldn't have to die for it.

Either way, if I make a crazy statement I'm going to hell.