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June 14, 2010


The Week of the Seeker (June 11th – June 18th) – Learn More about the Secret Language of

If you are born within June 11th - June 18th, then know how the secret language of birthdays describes your nature. The urge to explore new horizons is felt during the Week of the Seeker, which runs from June 11th through June 18th.

Those born during this week are people who are drawn by adventures of all sorts. They are constantly on the lookout for new experiences and are restless, striving for what lies beyond ordinary daily experience, which can prove too dull and boring.

For all of us, as well, this is a week in which we may also feel itchy and long to change our circumstances. It will benefit us to go with these feelings, using them as an impulse to investigate new ways of living, working and relating. It is only possible to master your impulses and moods by understanding the secret language of birthdays. That is because the secret language of birthdays has the right explanation to reason out your behavior.

Famous figures in history who exemplified this need to explore include the oceanographer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, the writer of the famous war diary Anne Frank, revolutionary Che Guevara, the abolitionist writer Harriet Beecher Stowe, Beatle singer and composer Paul McCartney, and Irish poet W.B. Yeats.

It could be beneficial to all of us to use the exploratory energies of this week to invest in the future. By not only making new plans for the upcoming weeks and months, but also beginning to put them into place and get things rolling, we can sow the seeds for a harvest that can be reaped in the fall of this year.

If leadership is lacking in a social, family or business group, you may be the one who needs to take the lead in providing vision and direction for such an organization. Your secret language of birthdays reveals your enhanced power of leadership for this week.

The  secret language of birthdays suggests you - Short distance trips may be necessary during this week in order to implement such projects, although all urges to travel can also be sublimated into reading and internet activities. An urge to watch adventure films and videos may be also felt strongly and indulged reasonably.