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Published June 01, 2010
UPDATE: Due to how much I like doing this, the winners for yesterday's cap con are in. For now, here's how I'll be honoring the picks. The top five will be named, and two side prizes, one I'm calling The Wilde award for wittiest caption, and the other one that's equal parts hilarious and profane, The Segat.Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys are awesome. This is my first time judging . . . well anything, so I hope you're happy with the results.5  "This is one picture that Norman Rockwell refused to paint."             -lizardladyfla4 "Calgon take me away... but let Steve have his way with my nether regions first."               -Ichronic3  "Travel back in time to see my 5th birthday, sure! Be invisible and clothed UNTIL someone               takes a  picture.....say whaaaaaaaaa?!?!!??!"               -deezer2   "TOM GO PUT ON YOUR SHIRT AND GET YOUR HAND OFF MY ASS."               -phukuhpThe Wilde award:  "Please pass the gra...oy vey!!!"                               -csymonzThe Segat award:    "They're smiling because they haven't gotten raped yet."                                          -IchronicWinner:   "Since It was a birthday party, I wore my birthday suit."                         -mervin97------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey gang, welcome to my first caption contest. I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing, but I'll be doing the judging much sooner. Oh and let me know if you're interested in being a guest judge as I would like to do this often. Anyhow enjoy. I'll start it off with: "Better take that picture now, if daddy gets one more bad hand, this could get REALLY inappropriate."