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July 12, 2016

Twitter Article

  • Brendan Trinkerson

If you put a white child and a black child together, they wouldn’t be scared of each other. They wouldn't shoot each other or ask each other if they are a boy or a girl. They would just…be. But then, what if you gave those same children guns? They would be scared of each other, right? UNLESS they didn’t know yet what guns did. What are guns without the fear of what they do? To children guns are just cold metal with small chunks of more cold metal inside of them.

The black child and the white child also might shoot each other. But who gives these children guns in the first place? That’s right, their parents. If a child gets a gun from their parents and tells them that they are black or white or brown or a boy or a girl or Asian, then why would you blame the child for violence and racism and sexism? Blame the parents.

If you point a gun at a child and the child doesn’t know what a gun is, is the child scared? But the parents are! You better believe it. The fear of the gun is what gives it power even if the child doesn't know how to use it. Now imagine: what if the child is black? And a 60 year old woman? What if the white child points a gun at the black woman but the white child doesn’t know what a gun is for? Then how would they feel? How would YOU feel? Would society take notice? The woman would be scared and the child wouldn’t know what is happening.

Now imagine the woman is a young child again who is black and they have a gun too. The guns would be too heavy and the children would not know what the heck to do with it. How safe is a gun if it’s in the hands of a child who doesn’t know what a gun does?

If two babies had one gun and one of the babies grabbed the gun, it wouldn’t matter if the baby was a girl or a boy because when babies play together, yes, they are usually shirtless, but it’s almost impossible to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl if they are shirtless but with a diaper on. The only time you can tell is if THE PARENTS put a bow in a girl baby’s hair.

And a baby can’t have a concealed weapon on them and no one would assume a baby has a concealed weapon on them ever in a million years. But if you got a very tiny gun could the baby, whether the baby is black or white or brown or Asian or another, keep a gun in their diaper? Yes, technically. Then is the baby scared? Yes. WE ALL SHOULD BE. The baby is scared if you put a little gun in his or her diaper no matter what race or gender the baby is because no baby wants a big metal thing in their diaper. Who then is responsible?

It is these types of scenarios that hurt my heart every day and make my heart want to reach out and hug ALL children, regardless of race or gender or knowledge or bravery. When you think about it like this: everyone should be equal and safe.
11:40 AM - 11 Jul 2016
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