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November 02, 2008


So, here's another strange quirk of mine.  It's actually probably shared by a lot of people, but I take serious flack for it.  I can not stand for my food to touch.  When I make my own plate of food, portion control is key, not for calorie restriction, but so the food can not fornicate with each other.  I know a lot of people who think it's cool to mix corn and mashed potatoes or peas and carrots, but I find nothing remotely appetizing about that.  People always ask, "why do you care? It's all going the same place?".  If that's true, I ask you why not eat a big ole shit sandwhich?  THAT'S where it all ends up eventually.  Thus returning me to my biggest fear of the boom-boom room.  Anyway, if food was meant to be all mixed up, then why don't we all just mash it into one big pile on our plates???  Because it is meant to be eaten seperately.  Going out to eat is a nightmare.  Especially Mexican food.  They can not serve it without everything touching.  A cafeteria style restaurant isn't so bad, almost everything comes in it's own dish.  Eating out brings me to another quirk.  I do NOT like to share my food.  If you wanted french fries, get your own.  And no, you can not try my fish to see if you like it for next time.  If you simply stick you fork in my plate and help yourself, you will draw back a bloody nub. It's not my problem if you suddenly develop food envy over what I ordered.  This is not out of greed, it is anoying plain and simple.  Granted, if I let you try it and suddenly you want more, that would be out of greed.  So, if you ever invite me to dinner, don't let my food touch and get your own dammit!