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March 10, 2010


Sooo...there was very little "Cheese String Drama" to report today, LOL, but something kinda big got flushed out as part of the chain reaction. Essentially, F, the supposed perpetrator and the one known for drinking from other people's used cups...made a confession of sorts to me. Have any of you heard of a website called "hot or not?"? It's this site where singles upload photos and other people can rate them as "hot" or "not". Fine. So, out of curiousity, i decide to look for her profile on hot/not and I can't seem to find it. So, I ask her today if she has a profile on there because I remembered her saying that she did...the response was CRAZY!! She got all flushed in the face, trembling and almost hyperventilating...and I was getting a bit worried and assuring her that it wasn't that important and to not be upset. So...between gasps for air she whispers "you can't find it....because...." nervous laughter... "I'm gay!" LMAO!!! I assure her that it's"fine" and encourage her to "come out" to EVERYONE!! I had her on the verge of updating her FB with the news...but something ALWAYS comes up!!! So, anyway...now we all know that F is gay...and what's weird about it is that nobody cares LOL Except me, because I called it last week and Andrew told me that she crushed on a couple of the guys HA!