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May 23, 2010


Hey Dave, I posted this letter to the editor on my FOD home page. I am trying to get it out to as many people as possible- since my "fans" are such a tight nit circle, and your fans are legion, I was wondering if you would help me get this word out via your page. I appreciate any help you can give me in this effort. Carl

Please read the following letter that I sent to my local newspaper; please copy and paste it and send it to your local newspaper. In addition, please send a copy of it to your local representative. We the people need to stand up and let our voices be heard on this matter!

I was thinking about this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and wondered if it was possible to blow up the well so that it collapses on itself in order to stop the leak. Since I was curious as to whether anyone else had thought of this option, and whether the option was even plausible, I did a quick search on the internet. Well, it turns out they can explode the well to demolish it! In a discussion Sheppard Smith of Fox News had with a former nuclear-sub captain named Christopher Brownfield it was stated that the Soviet Union had used explosives to seal off run-away oil leaks in the ocean as far back as 1966, and that they had used this option four times in the past. According to Brownfield the problem is," If we demolish the well using explosives, the investment's gone. They lose hundreds of millions of dollars, from the drilling of the well, plus no lawmaker in his right mind would allow BP to drill again in that same spot. So basically, it's an all-or-nothing thing with BP: They either keep the well alive, or they lose their whole investment and all the oil that they could potentially get from that well. “As far as I am concerned, BP’s profits do not trump the damage and the losses the entire world will suffer if this leak is not plugged. It is time to stop this mess, contact your local representatives and ask them to explore this option immediately so we can save what is left of the Gulf of Mexico!

here is the link for the conversation I cite in this letter: