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April 02, 2010


So...in a bizarre twist in my sordid tale, it would seem that Yentl Porn is going to be off to China for an undetermined time.  (Those of you unfamiliar with the moniker "Yentl Porn" should know that that is what I call the wife of the guy who pissed me off, and I call her that because she has this profile pic of herself wearing excessive, eighties rouge and blue eyeliner...and it was my observation that she personifies exactly what I think Yentl would look like if dressed like a low rent street walker.   Not that I'm judging...I'm just saying.)
Anyway...she's off to China.  And, ironically, it's at the same time China's first Burger University is having it's grand opening... and I'm trying to prove that there is a link.
Of course, I'm also currently trying to prove that the Earth is flat because in my heart of hearts, I just need to believe that there's a place I can go and push a few people off permanently. 
I actually kind of feel bad making fun of her because look at her year!!!   She gets treated to this hideous non-wedding to someone who within months is back in touch with the old gfs.  In February, she moved herself 2000 miles away from her job, family and friends to be with someone who, a week later, wound up going back east and she has been stuck, on her own with no job, friends, family or husband ever since.  So, like any other person struggling to hold onto their sacred (and so necessarily RUSHED), vows, she has decided to take a job clear on the other side of the planet.  LMAO!!!
So...basically it just shows that she's as committed to this sham of a marriage as he is.
Who are these people?
Who does that?
Anyway...it explains the e-mails.  (Shakes head)
On a side note, she has this fantasy relationship with Tiger Woods, and she claims that they had sex and all she got was a Subway sub...which I believe is her going rate anyway.  Hope he got change.