The Super Dudes Members & Allies!

Super Dude is the leader of the greatest superhero team around and who is probably the coolest superhero ever! Super Dude’s powers are super strength,super speed, flight, laser vision, thunder claps, and fast healing. Super Dude maybe a bit of a jock, but he’s actually a super genius and creates inventions like the world has never seen. Super Dude, pure awesome!

Young One is Super Dude’s young sidekick and the cockiest kid around. He is Super Dude’s 28 year old nephew and also a member of the Super Dudes. He’s also the heir to the Super Dudes team leadership. Young One is pretty lazy and has a tendency to be a rebel. He has the same powers as Super Dude and is a bit of a showoff about them. Young One is pound member of the best super hero team around!

Super Dudette is the female sidekick of Super Dude and is also Young One’s girlfriend. She used to be a nerd but then was transformed into a sexy supermodel with the same powers as Super Dude. Super Dudette is the only female member of the team so far and is also very shy as well. Super Dudette brings female order to the team and loves being a hero!

Super Mutt is a super powered dog and the coolest one as well. Super Mutt was a stray that soon gained the same powers as our heroes. He loves to play fetch and eat kibble, and is known to be naughty on occasion. Super Mutt is a loving pet and a best friend to Young One and others!

Fat Lazy Karate Teacher is Young One’s former karate teacher and now lives with the team at Super Dude’s apartment. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher knows nothing about karate and is no help to the Super Dudes at all. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher owns a bankrupt karate studio and pretty much does anything for money. Love him or hate him he’s a trainer of the super heroes for the right price!

The Fartinator is probably the weirdest super hero around. His powers are that he makes farts that are as strong as a nuclear bomb. The Fartinator is very good friends with the Super Dudes and is usually a back-up team member. The Fartinator will always be the one who cuts the cheese in battle!

High Tech Nick is a cyborg teenager and is already a full time superhero. High Tech Nick’s powers are the ability to stretch his mechanical robotic arms,legs, and neck 60 feet, the brain of a computer, and the ability to imitate any human voices. His sidekicks include his robotic dog Tech Spot and his talking bike named Nickbike. High Tech Nick is the teen of the 21st century!

Robot Blue is a battle robot from space and has been around since the age of the dinosaurs. He was built by XZ and soon Robot Blue became a soldier forthe Galactic Universe Federation. Robot Blue met the Super Dudes and soon became a member of the team. Robot Blue hopes to use his powers for the good of the universe and mankind!

Cool Fox is cocky, sly, handsome, and very cool. Cool Fox and Super Dude were once enemies because they fought about who was the coolest, Cool Fox or Super Dude. But over time they became friends and Cool Fox and his best friend Camel became members of the team. Cool Fox has his own little group called the Cool Club and he now works for the U.S. government an agent. Cool Fox may not have any powers, but he’s quite a hero for a fox!

Super Steven and Super Holly are almost like sidekicks but are actually the strongest superheroes around. Super Steven is a teenager with a bit of an attitude and creative mind, while Super Holly is a predator at heart. Super Steven does most of the action now-a-days, because Super Holly is a very old dog. For a kid and talking Miniature Schnauzer they are quite a great duo!

Super Spotty is the funniest superhero around. This talking dog has the powers of super strength, laser vision, super speed, and the power to talk to fish. His sidekick is Super Beardy and they are also best friends. Super Spotty is a back-up member of the Super Dudes and will help when needed.

Super Stork is a super powered stork and a very loyal member of the Super Dudes. Super Stork has the power to stretch his beak 90 feet and also has the power of flight. Super Stork also rides in the Storkmobile which is the fastest car on Earth. Super Stork is also a back-up member of the Super Dudes!

Hands on His Head is a black little monster with two feet and his hands are on his head. Hands on His Head is currently working for the Silly Squad and has appeared on many of their TV shows. Hands on His Head is also friends with BullHorns and he is also loves to eat garbage.

Tech Spot is a robotic dog and the sidekick of High Tech Nick. Tech Spotis basically a round floating ball with a head of a dog and a jet pack on his butt.

Nickbike is a talking robotic bike and a sidekick for High Tech Nick. Nickbike sounds like an African-America man and acts like a gangster rapper.

Bull Horns is a small dog-like alien with two huge bull-like horns. BullHorns was found by Robot Blue on a strange planet and now Bull Horns is his pet. Bull Horns currently lives with Robot Blue in the GUF headquarters.

R-Man is a superhero based on fictional character from of movie ofthe same name. But, the actor who played R-Man’s career died shortly after the movie came out. That actor soon without work came up with a scheme. He would become R-Man with the help of superpower-like technology and become a real superhero. R-Man is in really just a washed up actor, who now wants to be a superhero….just for the fame. R-Man soon became a member of the Super Dudes and now he currently lives with the Super Dudes in their apartment, basically mooching off his roommates.

The Fairy Queen is a fairy superhero who came from an enchanted meadow and left it to become a superhero. The Fairy Queen has blue skin, deer-like horns,wings, and she can grow to any size she wants. The Fairy Queen is one of the few female superheroes that works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!”and one of the few magical “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Fairy Queen is also the queen of the fairies and she has a pet white dragon named Snowie. The Fairy Queen wants nothing more than world peace and to make the children of the world happy.

Abominable Man was a former member of The Super Hero Alliance and he is now an ally of the Super Dudes. Abominable Man was cryogenically frozen for many years until the Super Dudes unfroze him. Abominable Man has the super powers of superstrength and ice breath and his only weakness is that if he gets too hot he’ll temporarily lose his powers. Abominable Man wears a blue ruby necklace that magically keeps him cold in battle. Abominable Man maybe from the old generation of superheroes but now he’s teaching the new generation of superheroes a thing or two. Abominable Man also loves to eat ice cream and hisfavorite animal is penguins.

Carp Man is a new member of the Super Dudes and a superhero with all the powers of a carp. Carp Man is pretty much the lamest superhero thus far and he’s pretty useless unless crimes happen in water. Carp Man is also pretty lazy and loves to eat Chinese food. Carp Man also has a pet carp named CK and he also has a fishing pole that he uses to fight crime with. Carp Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he shows up when the Super Dudes fight in or around water.

Mantis Man is an Asian superhero with the power of a mantis. Mantis Man isalso a kung-fu warrior and also has the power of Pyrokinesis. Mantis Man isalso a former student of Veg and a former classmate of Max Storm. Mantis Man also has the power to talk to bugs. Mantis Man never stops training and he wants to be the best. Mantis Man is also a member of the Super Dudes and he’s friends with Fat Lazy Karate Teacher.

U Tucker is a superhero and a male stripper. U Tucker is a very weird superhero. He is a homosexual and he is very good looking. When U Tucker isn’t working at the strip club he secretly goes out and fights crime. U Tuckerlooks like a bodybuilder and his superhero outfit looks like male stripper clothes. U Tucker has the powers to hypnotize people and the power of superspeed. U Tucker is the son of Hypno and he is the best friend of Young One. U Tucker wants to be a male model someday but for now he’ll just stick to his job as a male stripper.

The Super Dudes Enemies!

Zrotk is an evil alien dictator and he is the main enemy of RobotBlue. Zrotk wants to rule the entire universe and destroy those he sees as being weak. Zrotk was soon captured and sent to prison where he was on death row. Zrotk had died just a couple of months after his capture.

Robo Rexes are cyborg T-Rexes (half T-Rex and half robot) minions of Zrotk. Robo Rexes were captured from Earth and turned into cyborgs by Zrotk’s scientists. Robo Rexes currently roam in the wild on planets in the many galaxies in the world of Robot Blue.

Oliver Owl is the pet owl of Night Watch and practically his only friend.Oliver is just a pet that makes Night Watch look cool but rarely helps him fight the Super Dudes.

Evil Pig is a pig that mutated into a giant monster. Evil Pig once attacked a city and he was created by the government to be used as a weapon. Evil Pig was used again by the Skull Lords and soon Evil Pig was fused with a demon called Hellfire. Evil Pig maybe evil, but he sometimes helps the good guyson occasion.

Coyote is Spotty’s first foe, he once tried to turn everybody in the world into Coyotes, put together all the world’s most famous nerds to take over the world, and was leader of the I Hate Spotty Gang. He is also billionaire.

Ghost is Super Spotty’s foe and has teamed up with Coyote twice. His background is a mystery but he is pure evil. He was once a king of army of skeletons, and he had a living skeleton cat as a pet. Ghost will stop at nothing to destroy Super Spotty once and for all!

Color Man is the oldest foe of the Super Dudes and probably the weakest of their enemies. Color Man has the powers to change the colors around him,like turning a red stop sign purple or turning a white man into a black man.Color Man is also known for smoking crayons like cigarettes and he does it because he thinks it helps his powers. Color Man maybe the gayest super villain around, but at least he always tries his best to destroy the Super Dudes!

Roncor is a four-legged orange wild monster with a big jaw and a tattoo of a heart that says “mom” on the inside. Roncor is a natural born killer and he doesn’t commit crimes but only murders. He doesn’t work well with others and tries his best to kill all of the Super Dudes, even though he always fails. Roncor is truly the deadliest super villain in the Super Dudes long history!

Night Watch is a paid assassin who wears a robotic suit and is known for committing crimes in the middle of the night. Night Watch’s only friend is his pet owl Oliver, and Night Watch hates the Super Dudes for no apparent reason. Night Watch wants nothing more than to kill Super Dude, once and for all!

Dr. Duck is a mutant duck with a huge brain and a criminal mastermind.He has powers of telekinesis, the ability to read other people’s minds, and to control other people’s minds. Dr. Duck only wants knowledge and to rule the world. Not bad for being a duck!

Komodo King is a lizard man who has the powers of a Komodo dragon. He has many pet komodo dragons and always is carries a huge laser gun. Komodo King wears a Viking helmet and ripped clothes. Komodo King is probably the strongest of the Super Dudes enemies. Komodo King wants nothing more than money and power, what evil!

Boogie Man is a monster who lives under your bed that has a criminal record that goes through the roof. Boogie Man wasn’t always the Super Dudes enemy, he just always tried to scare a little boy but never really scared the boy and that little boy always called the police on him. Boogie Man has a bit of a feud with Satan, because the Boogie Man always makes deals with the devil that he can’t pay back for. Boogie Man only wants to be immortal, but Satan has finally had enough of this not scary monster!

Robo-Spotty 4.0 is a robot created by Coyote Corp to destroy Super Spotty and he looks just like him. Robo-Spotty 4.0 is now a small time villain and the occasional enemy of the Super Dudes!

The Keeper is Satan’s henchman who collects souls for him. The Keeper was once an outlaw from the old west, but now he’s a supernatural being who hunts for souls. Sometimes the Keeper wished he never made a deal with the devil!

Raptor Claw is a mafia man with a hand the looks like the hand of a dinosaur. He’s been an enemy of the Super Dudes for a while, but yet he’s always defeated. Raptor Claw is also a drug dealer and a crack addict. Raptor Claw is one of the biggest crime bosses around, not bad for a guy with a dinosaur hand!

Satan of course is the devil himself and the ruler of hell. Satan only wants to kill Super Dude because he has the powers of a god and he thinks no mortal should have such powers. Satan is one of the most powerful of the Super Dudes enemies, and I think we know why!

Dr. Frankenstein of course is famous for creating the Frankenstein’s Monster,but he’s also an enemy of the Super Dudes who he hates very much. He hated the Super Dudes so much that he formed the super villain group called the Sinisters to try to kill them. Dr. Frankenstein is now a demon working for Satan in Hell!

Dina is Cool Fox’s greatest enemy. Dina is a dinosaur and he is pure evil. He wants to rule the world and to basically be god. He is always stopped by the Cool Club and has a criminal record that goes through the roof. He soon died in prison.

Hypno was an Arabic magician whose career died after the release of the R-Man movie of which he starred in. Hypno soon went mad and then began to learn the art of hypnosis and he would use these powers for crime. Hypno soon began a series of bank robberies that soon drew the attraction of crime lord Raptor Claw. Raptor Claw and Hypno soon join forces. Hypno is currently in prison for life.

Devil Devil the Pig is an evil pig that loves to eat other pigs. Devil Devil the Pig soon went mad and wanted more and more bacon. Devil Devil the Pig is also a rival to Evil Pig. Devil Devil the Pig currently is looking for more pig to eat, because he’s a monster.

Igor is the humped-back lab assistant of Dr. Frankenstein. Igor doesn’t want to be a bad guy he only is because he’s bossed around by Dr.Frankenstein who is almost like a father figure to him. Igor is now a demon in Hell and he hates being one!

The Wife Beater is a crazy redneck super villain and just loves to fight. The Wife Beater has no super powers but is just a crazy redneck who thinks he’s powerful enough to rule the world. The Wife Beater hates the “That Spells Action Heroes!” very much and wants nothing more but to kick their asses.The Wife Beater is pretty much a loser in the super villain world but yet he just loves to leave his trailer park and fight the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Mugger is a super villain and a former street thug. The Mugger has the powers of super strength and super speed. The Mugger also carries a shotgun and loves to rob people and banks. The Mugger also wears a mask, a bandana, and a leather trench coat. The Mugger is mostly a henchman-for-hire and he will do anything for money. The Mugger is also the brother of Darrell The Useless Superhero and he loves to pick on him. The Mugger is also the best friend of Color Man and they like to work together.

The Shrew King is a super villain with the powers of a shrew. The Shrew King also has the power to control shrews and make them do his bidding. The Shrew King is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin only with shrews. The Shrew King lives in the sewers and only comes out a night. The Shrew King is truly a unique foe of the “That Spells Action Heroes” and a very weird person as well.