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May 20, 2009


Wow... Only 10 months as a FOD member, and I'm already at 2500 "That's What He Said" 's... I must really love to hear myself type. But, as always with me, a milestone is a party... so here we go!

Kenny G.'s Top 25 things He Loves about FOD:

1. That any list of weird crap I make doesn't have to be in any particular order to be mediocre.
2. The "Christmas Morning" feeling I get when I open my Newsfeed each morning.
3. All the great contests my FOD friends put on (IE: WSS or Phukuhp's Cap contests, Jason2K1's Haikus, or Clay's Daily's)
4. Wagering with Drizz and Butch (Still waiting here Mr. Jackson :-) )
5. On-Demand home grown videos from people that are way funnier than they give themselves credit for (If you read this blog, and have even one video, I'm taking about you.)
6. The Strange Threads on the Forums.
7. The Fact that those Forum Threads are as addicting as Crack.
8. The Fact that "Club Foot" was my 2500th "Thing He Said", and that doesn't bother me.
9. Gotta say it... "Ha Ha, Bird in a Dryer"
10. Knowing that, no matter who reads this drivel, My insane thoughts will be here of FOD forever (Or until the server blows up, which ever comes first.)
11. Not having to spell check every word I type.
12. Not getting laughed at that I do still spell check most of it.
13. Knowing that admitting I use spell check on FOD will now probably get me laughed at.
14. The excessive proliferation of the word "Merkin" on this site.
15.  The Fact that most of the $200.69 my Beard-A-Thon efforts have raised has come from FOD people, not my own family.
16. Being able to personally thank the 4 FOD members who have donated the most, even though they seem to want to stay anonymous.
17. Knowing that if I put my Beard-A-Thon link on this list, most of you already saw it coming :-) https://www.beardathon.com/redwings/sabre419/profile.aspx
18. Seeing my friends from FOD come check out my Blogger Blog, and give me feed back ( http://www.sabre419shovel.blogspot.com/)
19. Not have been caught for occasionally making the same post on both sites, at the same time, even though I could easily have done something different.
20. Black Dogs, Orange Squeking Cats, and Brown Anoles all living in harmony.
21. Three Words: Blogs About Bacon.
22. The Fact that I could easily skip #22, and nobody would really care.
23. Standing invites to visit States I've never been to, by people who've never met me in person.
24. Making the type of friends that I can actually call, on the phone, when I need a shoulder/ear/swift kick in the ass.
25. The fact that I can think of 25 resons I love it here, and still have more in mind.

Wow... That list kind of started to take on a life of it's own... Just like this bowl:

Well, I think that's enough sappy/goofy reminiscing for now. Time to leave this party before something bad happens...

SON OF A..... Nevermind...

- Kenny G.