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March 09, 2009


in nyc, i overheard this comment, and it is my favorite: " oh god, i hate fucking models. i mean i love fucking models, but yeah, you know what i mean...".

in nyc, i spent nearly 20% of my entire life, yet it feels like it was a dream.  because i don't live there anymore.

in nyc, i met a man who thought he was General Douglas MacArthur. and he had the cool corn cob pipe to prove it.

in nyc, i was walking up lafayette near prince street at night with a friend of mine and just as we got to the corner we looked up and it was Lauren Hutton, arriving at the corner at the same time, from crossing the street.  we locked eyes and she got a little frazzled. she starting walking in front of us in the same direction and i guess my nylon pull-over style windbreaker was making a lot of noise  (i really couldn't help it) and she got spooked and ducked into a doorway.  after we passed, we realized that she didn't actually live there because when we turned around, we saw that she was walking the other way.*

in nyc, i used to ride the subway for fun.

in nyc, i was in a band and we played the legendary cbgb's. it was later that i found out what cbgb's rigorous screening process was: all you need is a band.

in nyc, it's true what they say about the rats. however, they are probably the tamest and friendliest rats in the whole world. i probably can't say the same thing about the majority of the prostitutes, though.

in nyc, i became enamored of rudy giuliani, who had recently been elected mayor. the only problem was that his physical appearance often reminded me of "dr. eldon tyrell", ceo of the "tyrell corporation" from the movie "blade runner".  in the movie, "dr. tyrell's" eyes are brutally gouged in by his own creation, the replicant "roy batty". after viewing this scene repeatedly and at length, it created an inner conflict within in me causing me to confuse reality (giuliani) with fantasy (tyrell), and this in turn created a situation where i had to eventually cease my support for a man who originally intended to do much good.  with his "jack-booted thug" tactics or whatever.

in nyc, i met an extremely attractive and charming young lady while walking down the streets of soho in the rain.**  she had been fleeing from the unwanted attentions of a vaguely deformed and somewhat threatening man, and,  as i had seemingly "rescued"  her from some sort of untoward predicament, we ended up making out in the subway station.  it is now that i fully understand the phrase, "the hooker with a heart of gold".

in nyc, i wore an outfit that was to become known as the "millennium suit". this story, however, is way too long to go into at the moment. incidentally, the "millennium suit' is involved in the "Lauren Hutton" story above. it was just one of many instances involving the "millennium suit".

stay tuned for more blog postings!

*incidentally, i happen to fully agree with Lauren Hutton's comments  on the Today show, where she blamed "gay writers for stereotyping single women as sluts on Sex and The City"  [1] [2] [3].  i do believe, however, that she could have made her comments a little more "diplomatically".  favorite Lauren Hutton film: "Viva Knievel!".

**my apologies to Warren Zevon (yes, i know he died).

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