As a surveyor of the world wide web, perhaps you’ve seen the rise in stunning and complex ‘Before and After’ photos.

For example, Shea Glover’s project of photos of people immediately after telling them they were beautiful went viral last year:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.36.55 PM.png

Look at how she glows! (via)

More recently, Amber Smith caused a stir online when she shared photos of how she normally presents herself on social media and then what she looks like after a panic attack.

amber smith.jpg

What a difference there can be between a before and an after! (via)

Inspired by this trend, we embarked on a social experiment to reveal just how much can change between before and after different shared human experiences occur. These images will certainly make you think twice or, as they say in another language, deux fois.

Before And After Your Phone Dies


Before And After Taking A Huge Stinky Poo


Before And After Learning Refills Aren’t Free


Before And After Seeing A Giant Rat


Before And After Your Coworker Explains In Detail Their Favorite Youtube Video


Before And After Water Is Dumped On
Your Head


Before And After Opening a Bill But Before Paying It


After Opening That Bill But Before Paying It And After Paying It


Before And After Discovering You Are The Only One From Your High School Class Of 982 Students Still Living


Before And After Watching Watching Season 3, Episode 4 of USA Network’s White Collar.


Before And After Falling Into A Sewer Grate


Before And After Finding Meaning And Purpose In This World Where For So Long You Felt Empty, Alone, And Directionless But Lately, As You’ve Grown Older You Find Such Joy In Spending Time With Others, In Helping The Less Fortunate With Your Gifts And Taking The Time To Listen And Learn From Their’s. We Are Only As Isolated As We Choose To Be, And When We Connect With Others We Become Stronger And More Full Of Love Than We Could Have Ever Imagined To Be Possible.