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February 08, 2010


Let me set the mood.
As I write this I am listening to The Clash- Bankrobber to be exact. I am a lover of music.. ALL Music, excluding top 40 crap.  I am pretty sure anyone who actually purchased a brittney spears or  kings of Leon CD is devoid of any personality and incapable of an original thought. Neither here nor there....

 song switched... Prince- Erotic City...NICE ( Gotta love random playlists!)

I am really writing this for 1 simple reason. I have to set the record straight. I am soooooo sure everyone has watched the Jeresey Whore ( I mean Shore)
. I am a true House fan. I am a leftover limelight party monster type of a girl. I have never nor would I ever dance like Ronnie.. I would never fress like J-Woww. hey are such a mis representation it is scary..

Please please please never associate your neighborhood house fans with these specimans. It is like highschool over here on the east coast. It is like the poser nerds got a show....

Thank you :)