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April 25, 2009


its true, if your a guy and you watch porn, and most of us do, and your not watching girl on girl or just some chick masturbating then your staring at some dudes junk fucking a chick that you wish you had the balls to even talk to. that strikes me as gay. i think the definition of gay is staring at a dudes junk. theres plenty of sick sadistic stuff out there without having to watch another dudes meat swords.  Me personally i have a great imagination so i just use my brain, then im in my own fantasy. not saying its not ok for the ladys to watch porn cause ladys can never be wrong. a lady stares at a dudes junk Great, she stares at a chick Even Better its the double standard. the gay factor only applies to us guys, and if your gay then you probably watch dude on dude so this isnt for you. but if you watch dude girl porn then your probably just confused. in summation if it aint girl on girl its gay.