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July 02, 2012

Adele was checking out at a West Sussex supermarket last week when she learned from a Star Magazine cover that she was pregnant.

Adele was checking out at a West Sussex supermarket over the weekend when she discovered on a Star Magazine cover that she is pregnant.

"I saw a picture of myself with the caption, 'Adele Pregnant!' and my belly circled," said Adele. "I thought it was a silly fat joke so I bought the magazine to show my boyfriend, because he loves fat jokes."

It wasn't until the British singer-songwriter returned home that she realized it was not a joke. "I started singing the article, because I sing everything, and when I realized it was true I immediately broke into tears. It may have been my best performance ever."

Simon Konecki, Adele's beau and the dad-to-be,  recalls, "I noticed a magazine on my sliver of the bed. I thought it was a fat joke about Adele and got ready to laugh. But halfway through I was in tears. The article said we were thrilled. It couldn't have been more on the money. We're having a baby!"

Adele says the couple has kept their eyes glued to news channels for days waiting to find out if it's going to be a boy or a girl. "We're watching Fox News and CNN the most. We have a feeling they'll report it first."