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December 14, 2011


Clay- Heard your date with Rebecca didn’t go so well sorry man

Sean- Yeah man she dumped me, right in the middle of Dejohns

Derrick- That’s rough man, whatever fuck bitches she had weird tits anyways

Dave- yeah they were kinda low for her body

Sean- what? Guys come on she was my girlfriend and we just broke up

Clay- She had too much gum too like with her teeth

Derrick- Yeah tooth to gum ratio was wayyy off dude [laughs]

Sean- This has seriously been the worst week ever, all my professors are against me and I have a huge project due tomorrow

Dave- dude smoke some bud then maybe some cigarettes

Sean- no I have to be focused I need to get an A

Derrick- A’s are for gays come on every one knows that, that’s why I rock C’s cause they my favorite titty size you know what im saying

Dave- Why are you talking like a black guy?

Derrick- what? [blowing out marijuana smoke]

Dave- you were just talking like a black person youre not black why were you doing that?

Derrick- huh I don’t remember and its really racist of you to sterotype a [does finger quotes] “black voice”

Dave- No that’s not racist you are racist