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Published May 28, 2013 More Info »
Creating content for the internet can be tricky business, as you've given the world an opportunity to leave their thoughts in the comment section. And on top of that, many commenters talk in a jargon that's nearly impossible to understand! How can you possibly know what people thought of your work with all these complicated abbreviations and hidden meanings? Fear not, below is a handy chart to help you navigate these uncharted waters.  
Fail This person did not succeed
Fake I do not think that the content in this post is real
Gay This article clearly has sex with an article of the same gender
First! The cache has not cleared yet and I think I am the first to leave a comment
Second! I am an enthusiastic individual who relishes in the banality of life
TL;DR Too long didn't read
TLDRP Two long dick rings please
I would like those 30 seconds of my life back So I can spend the next hour finding more videos to hate in a public forum. This is how I'm choosing to live my life and it's totally fine. I'm a very happy individual, I swear.
Haha You made me laugh
Jaja You made me laugh in spanish
ROFL I sound like a large dog when I laugh
LMFAO Long-Live Milk, Fuck All Oreos
YOLO You Only Love Oreos
There you have it! Hope that was informative.