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Published January 21, 2013


Anyone remember last year? I mean four years ago. Or whenever President Obama was inaugurated the first time. And the guy doing the oath messed up. And everyone thought that the United States government would at least choose somebody who knows how to read. Well, guess what? They chose the same guy again! Apparently just because you are the Supreme Court Chief Justice you get to do the inauguration, sounds discriminatory to me. Why not change it up every election, let some other people have a shot at doing it. Especially since this guy (Chief Justice John Roberts) messed up so royally that they had to do it a second time the next day. I guess there are do-overs in life.

You know what they say about second chances though, so good for the government. Let this guy redeem himself. I mean he choked badly last time. But hey, if LeBron can improve his fourth quarter by no longer choking to win an NBA championship, maybe this guy can read the 35 words in the swearing in oath. After all, he knows that some people will be watching, though not nearly as many as people who watch the NBA championship. There's no mystery here, we know who the President is and we know he will ultimately be sworn in even if he messes up the oath the first time. It's not like Mitt Romney is going to jump out and challenge him to a duel (though that would make for good TV). 

No, President Obama will remain President Obama, not become Mr. Obama. (Although I'll not that I learned that you keep the President title for life so that joke doesn't make sense). The point is I see no point in watching and that by using the word "point" three times in this sentence I've made it utterly confusing.

Closing thoughts: Have a great Presidential Inauguration and Happy MLK Day!


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