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July 24, 2009


I used to have an owner
I used to have 2 friends
They were white and blue
With black small circles
I hate when friendship ends.

So now I'm alone
sitting upon a windowsill,
Collecting dust, and old dead flies
laser eye surgery took away all of my dreams
of being apart of a life
that allowed me to see

I'm travelling now,
was picked off the shelf
and was put in a bag
the bag is opening
a hand reaches in and grabs me
A sticker is placed on my lens
i sit in a glass case
surrounded by florescent light
i'm polished and look as good as new

A smile reflects on the glass
A finger points in my direction
I'm picked up, and placed on her face
I don't get taken off
I hear her say
"I'll take them, They're perfect!"
I'm so happy to say that
Finally...I'm home.