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June 27, 2017

This is deeply saddening

Yesterday afternoon, the studio that produces the wildly popular NBC drama This Is Us released their version of a blooper reel which was almost entirely a montage of the entirecast and crew crying into one another’s shoulder’s with varying levels of intensity and volume.

It comes as no surprise that a show with so much emotion and feeling didn’t have any of the classic sitcom bloopers to show off. But releasing a video of people crying and sobbing seems a bit harsh to some, and has made one TBS show-runner re-think his entire system.

In an e-mail sent this morning, Jordan Shipley, who is the co-runner of the popular TBS sitcom Wrecked with his brother Justin,mentioned that although the season 1 blooper reel was already released, the creative team is working on capturing the darker off-camera moments, “It’s like a military homecoming video but not meaningful and important but if people want our actors to cry, I’m happy to try and make that happen with my words and actions.“

It is a testament to the dark and sad nature of the world that a show like This Is Us can have a blooper reel of weeping adults get 1.2 million views overnight.

Your next, Wrecked!