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June 18, 2008


Joe Lieberman for Sale on Ebay- McCain’s 2 Cent Offer Going Fast!

Jim McPartland



If there’s ever a sellout on a political level, Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has set a new standard.

Joe use to be cool- he was Attorney General with the state of CT. He reminded me of a similar Rudy Giuliani- fighting for the right causes, the little guy. You and me. He’s always reminded me of Charlie Brown. His raspy voice, ‘whoa is me expression’, curly balding hair.

He then ran for Senate. Good choice at the time. Democrat. Understood the important issues and fought for us. Next, a failed bid as Gore’s VP in 2000.

9/11. Hijacked planes. Twin towers. 3000+ dead.

And the shit hits the proverbial fan.

Joe catches some strange form of something- something dangerous.  Highly contagious.

‘Weapons of Mass Destructionitis’.

He decides to not only support the war in 2001, 7 years later his battle cry changes no discernable amount. ‘We need to stay and succeed’, however long that may take.

The problem continues to be, as Obama has eloquently pointed out, you need to define what ‘success’ is. If it’s totally eradicating Al Qaeda and getting Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Israel to live together like a ‘Barney’ show- it ain’t gonna happen. This is why were stuck in the quagmire we are presently in. And the mud is getting more like quicksand every day.

Last year Joe lost to an anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont, in the Democratic primary. I had hoped that people in CT were ‘getting it’. The slime ball then decided he could not take losing, switched party affiliations to Independent, claimed to ‘have the experience’ (we’re going to hear a lot on that one from his new bestest Bud John) and, gosh darn it, won by swaying the Independent and Republican voters (the Repubs ran a cat who, although was nice, also lacked ‘experience’).

So now we fast forward to present day. Joe is tagging along McCain like he’s a fucking wart on his ass (actually he looks more like that than Charlie Brown). Everywhere McCain goes, Independent Joe is right there- praising him for the ‘courage’ for staying in Iraq despite the lack of any real plan to get us the fuck out.

He is no longer a Democrat or Independent.

Another good Joe story- while Barack was being berated for his ties to Rev, Wright, Joe was aligning forces (and still does) with Rev. John Hagee.

Hagee is such an asshole, I’m not sure where to begin.

He’s called the Catholic Church ‘the Great Whore’. Oh, and a ‘false cult system’.

Claimed God sent Hitler to help the Jews reach the Promised Land. He did not say why the trains going there had a stop in Auschwitz.

If you ever seen this fat fuck on TV, it’s repulsive. I get an electric shock and cannot hit the remote quick enough not to see spit fly from his pie hole.

And there’s Joey boy, right along with him.

I’m surprised McCain can’t see a proctologist and have Joe removed from his ass.

I’m very much looking forward to the day when Joe, like Charlie Brown, is hunkering down the field at full speed (which for Joe is probably 2 MPH because he’s a wus) only to have McCain, playing the part of Lucy, pull the ball out and watch Joe hit the dirt with a thud.

You can blame certain residents of CT for him, not me. And now we’re stuck with him for 5 more years?

I hope Barack gets him aside and just puts his lights out.


Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, right, is accompanied by Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut during an April ceremony with members of a veteran's group.   Lieberman ties frayed By Susan Page, USA TODAY VIDEO: Lieberman on why he supports McCain

"Please, Joe- stop fucking clapping-- and get that stupid look off your face!'