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Published: August 08, 2011
Description: Oh just some brilliant television and other awesome things to click on.

linkdump_cake.jpgCongrats on your teen pregnancy!  We baked this cake to remind you of all your great decision making! 

Since you're now expecting let's get moving on these links, shall we? Let's kick things off with the scene from last week's Louie in which Louis CK and Dane Cook face off and finally take on accusations that Dane stole Louis' jokes.  It is a very good scene! Click it if you like brilliant scenes!

-Here's that Louis/Dane scene! - HuffPost Comedy
-Speaking of good TV, here are the awesome "Hallmark" promos for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Warming Glow
-Some amazing responses to celebrities on Twitter - Happy Place
-And here's why Lewis Black doesn't do Sarah Palin jokes. Some damn good reasoning going on here. - Buzzfeed
-You like Wet Hot American Summer, right? Right. There are things may not have known about it - Splitsider
-Speaking of Wet Hot, here's an interview with Michael Ian Black. Enjoy - Vulture