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April 07, 2008


i just posted this as a comment to someone. couldn't just waste it, so here it is...(slightly edited)

 our repressive attitude towards sex is the root of many social problems...including teen pregnancy(it's not the ONLY root, but i believe it's one of the big ones). but mostly it leads to people being unbearably uncomfortable with themselves, doing things they don't like/regret just to fit in. plus parents now are avoiding the topic of sex altogether (totally leaving it up to 9th grade health class) and kids are learning the basics of sex from peers and porn...not exactly good sources (though porn might help...but i doubt it, it's still too misogynistic). but if you teach kids and are honest with them about sex gradually, starting with very basic things when they hit puberty, or just before, and get more involved as the kids get older...in a sense trying to match the educational development with the sexual development, like everything else we teach, except trade sexual for intellectual. this will help get rid of the notion that sex is inherently wrong and kids will be able to handle sexual situations with a clearer head. less boys will be trying to trick girls into having sex because they won't think it's a.) something they're getting away with and b.) not such a big fucking deal (the act itself). WHOM they choose to do it with WILL become a big deal, and that's what's important. and if sex is an open and honest topic people won't be as scared to speak up when something goes wrong. sex should not be this big scary thing we're hiding our children from (or our adults, for that matter). we have to do it to survive, so why not make it a good thing...or at least decriminalize it (in a metaphorical sense, i hope that's clear). and if the parents of this country are gonna refuse to properly educate their children (and most of them are) then it's up to the schools. which means they HAVE to do more than just teach kids about the plumbing. now if you, as a parent, are willing to teach your child about sex, you do it however you see fit and you should be allowed to pull your kid from any sex ed. class. i just don't trust the next generation of parents (or the current one) to do that. today's parents can't even teach their children how to respect themselves and each other, so i'm not holding out hope.

i understand this is a touchy sort of subject, and, being that i have no children, can't tell anyone what to do with their kids...that is not what my intention is. i am merely expressing a limited representation of my own view on the subject. if you disagree, feel free. if you want me to know about it, also feel free. if you want to have sex with me...ummm, doubtful.