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January 09, 2012

A quick review of the top pajama models from pajamacity.com

Tonight, I discovered the site pajamacity.com. As I flipped through the site, I wanted to dig out my Top 5 Pajama Models. I could not stop laughing at the models on the website. They are simply hilarious. Well done pajamacity.com, well done.

As I think about it more and more, there is nothing normal about an adult wearing a onesie. This is a sad reality for me, as I must admit, the idea of wearing an adult onesie is somewhat intriguing. I’ve come to realize that the onesie is something an adult just has to grow out off (literally and figuratively). But, if pajamacity wants to send me a onesie to try and convert me – I will proudly wear the onesie and post it on my blog. I mean seriously, who else on the planet is writing a blog post about your pajama models? Let me be America’s next top pajama model.

So before I set out with my thorough analysis of pajama models, let me start off by giving the grading criteria. The situation I must avoid is making a pajama model mad. Who knows what they will do to me. I’m already scared enough thinking of an angry adult coming into my bedroom wearing a onesie. So I want to be as clear as possible with my judging criteria to avoid any confrontation:

  1. Models are NOT judged individually, rather by photo. Lots of couple photos, weighed equally to individual photos
  2. Gender neutral – male or female, also weighed equally
  3. Pajama prints do not score you extra points, sorry pajama models, you all look absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Looking for absurd faces, poses and any gestures will push you to the top of the list. Basically, the more absurd, the better you score. With what you’re wearing, this really shouldn’t be much of a challenge.
  5. I wanted to consider eliminating all creepy photos, but that would unfairly weigh towards singles. Couple’s wearing matching onesies is just straight up creepy.

So, without further adieu, here are your Top 10 Pajama Models:

Typically the Honorable Mention winner goes at the end. This post is so absurd, following that formality just makes no sense. Congrats to the Lucha Libre Luchadores Pajama Model on being named to the “Honorable Mention List.”

PajamaCity® Lucha Libre Luchadores Masks Print Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat

There are a lot of good things going on here. The model has absolutely captured the legendary Lucha Libre Luchadores. Who wouldn’t want to get into bed with a man dressed like a Mexican wrestler? It’s inspirational. The fierce and determined look, juxtaposed with a childish innocence due to his footed pajamas. It’s majestic. It’s art. Simply put, this model’s work is truly amazing. The competition was intense, so although this model was good – he wasn’t great.

5. PajamaCity® Christmas Lights Drop Seat Footed Pajamas for Grownups 

I would do anything to know what is in that box. My assumption is that the model knows, but doesn’t want anyone else to find out. I also keep thinking, who does this guy think he is? Walking into a bed room, stunned and holding a wrapped Christmas gift? Seriously. This model makes wearing an adult onesie look so intriguing. So intriguing that for a split second I actually consider purchasing this outfit. Above all what is incredible about this is how the model draws you into the pajama’s making you feel lost in the print. The pajama’s don’t make this model light up, the model makes the pajama’s light up. Remember folks, it’s not the print – it’s the model. Purely stunning.

4.  PajamaCity® Hot Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat

It’s hard to pretend to be serious with something as ridiculous as this photo. As I previously mentioned, couples wearing matching onesies is creepy. I don’t believe I need to provide you with any further evidence other than this photo. I’ve been starring at this photo and trying to figure out what is going on, none of it is appropriate for me to post. I should probably just stop here and leave it all to your imagination (that’s what she said).

3.  PajamaCity® Shamrocks & Clovers Drop Seat Footed Pajamas

Who wouldn’t want a grown man skipping into your bedroom dressed in a leprochaun onesie? Beats me. This man has captured everything that is right with onesies. Playful, childish, and care free. There is so much going on here. His eyes looking out to the future, wondering what the next day might hold. The excitment for tomorrow. The passion for life. Alright, I can’t do this much longer. This photo is creepy. One of the most creepy things I have ever seen. Alright, two more to go. Let’s keep this moving.

2. PajamaCity® Italian Scooter Print Drop Seat Fleece Footie Pajamas

Back to being serious, because this model is inspirational, and almost our winner. So, have you ever looked at a piece of art and said, “I don’t get it, am I missing something?” That’s how I feel with this photo. It’s controversial. Very few men have dared to ride a bike in a onesie, but this model dares us to think bold and be bold. In years to come, people are going to look back at this photo and say “wow, that man revolutionized the way we look at men riding bikes in onesies.” Or, people might say, “grab the kids, that creepy onesie neighbor is out on his bike again.” I think that is more likely.

1.PajamaCity® Alien Abduction Adult Drop Seat Footed Pajamas

If you haven’t noticed, this model has been in a couple photos. This one just really makes me laugh. It makes me think of a few scenarios going on, most likely it’s a woman screaming at this guy about how ridiculous he looks and giving him an ultimatum “It’s me or the pajama’s.” His response is something along the lines like “Woaaah, woaaahh, hey now, these pajama’s define me!” This guy is just hilarious. My bet is that he picks the pajamas.

So there you have it. My Top 10 models from pajamacity.com. If anyone from pajamacity.com really does read this – consider moving the zipper to the back.