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Published April 14, 2011

Hamburger scene in Pulp Fiction

Donald Duck Vs. Daffy Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Sparring scene in Foot Fist Way

case of the Mondays in Office Space

Tick Tock Gunshot in First Sunday

Sup Niggas in Shaun of the Dead

this is my boomstick in Army of Darkness

stains in the Outlaw Josey Wales

Danny McBride Gang Scene in Observe and Report

Don't run we are your friends in mars Attacks

Singing in Stepbrothers

Jack Black in Run Ronnie Run

Im a lead farmer motherfucker in Tropic Thunder

Can't speak Italian in inglorious bastards

movie opener in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie

Fight Scene in Pineapple Express

Shomer Shabbos in The Big Lebowski