Former Sesame Street Legend, Famed Pianist Don Music Diagnosed With CTE.

The Concussion Legacy Foundation says former Sesame Street star and renowned composer Don Music was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy after his death.

Music died in 2011 at 68 of unspecified causes. He was found face down on his piano keys.

‘Like always, there was playing followed by a loud clang’ said his wife Gloria of 30 years. ‘He was always self conscious about his music. I knew it eventually would catch up with him.’

Don Music is the first Muppet diagnosed with CTE. Out of four stages of the disease, the foundation says he had stage 3.

Music, known for slamming his head on the piano keys in frustration, was fired from Sesame Street in the late 70’s after young fans began emulating his actions.

‘Hopefully Dons story will raise awareness to his many fans to get tested before its too late’.

‘The pursuit of perfection in ones art is a daunting task’, she said. ‘In Don’s case it was his undoing’.

‘He was a candle burning at both ends. A gentle, yet tortured soul’