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September 12, 2009


In my early years, I had an uncanny ability to remember names/faces, etc, so there wasn't really any physical evidence to link me to my various...let's just calll them "infactuations". Now that I'm older and constantly multi-tasking...I find that I am constantly making lists. LOL Oh yes! It's an ENEMIES list! Wahahahaha! It's kind of sad, really, as I am "grown" and for all kinds of logic/reason/intellect, I know I am better than this, but still they DO, in fact, exist. What's amazing is my capacity to gather and link information (I really, REALLY should have been a cop like my dad and uncle), and to be such a creature of instinct in certain situations. I only look for people if they hide and I only chase them if they run, so if you're worried about me...you don't really have to be.