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May 21, 2011

In the waters of Nha Trang has many places where they are dressed up with modern beauty care little for human hands but with Nha Phu lagoon - one of two largest lagoons of Khanh Hoa province still meet the characteristics of a region ecologically rare with mountains, rivers, sea and islands.

Coming to Nha Phu lagoon you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself into the natural variation of excitement, with fresh sea waters.

It about 15 minutes takes  by high speed boats to reach for Nha phu from landing Da Chong, Hon Lao will appear before your eyes. Calm sea around the island and blue, generously donated human beaches ideal ... Hon Lao island is long nose of tuberculosis, also called "monkey island", because the island has thousands of wild monkeys living .

 An ecological characteristics of the surrounding islands is Hon Lao is the largest coral reef and beautiful. Here visitors have the opportunity to dive to the deep ocean to see coral reef with sea creatures full of brilliant colors, or to visit the caves seem untouched wilderness.

Hon Lao from beyond the waves continue northeast about 15 minutes, guests will find an open area mountains. Hon Heo peninsula white clouds, green mountains, a wobble base in the resistance, has been exploited as tourist Suoi Hoa Lan. Here, the sea, mangroves, there is exploitation, there are streams, freshwater lakes, and many forest animals and plants ...


Just love the beach alongside An Binh with huge flat stones, sand smooth and long blue water, the visitors were again surprised by the strange change of scenery when manually kayak on the lake Nghi Xuan, visit the Phong Lan, watching the orchid species diversity among a unique landscape. Specifically, you can explore the game of Khong Minh, that's Labyrinth battle map, 45,000 trees were planted by area 13.500 square meters.

Teem building services activities - a combination of travel services for training activities through the group playing on the beach, is now international and large companies are very popular. For many, a picnic this not merely as entertainment trips that explore nature and discover yourself.


Activities such as tourism, entertainment in Nha Phu lagoon is truly meaningful to visitors, but do not take time to enjoy the best moments with friends and relatives.


As in deep mountains and forests attract more visitors Nha Phu. Overcome rapids waterfall, clouds hang in the end, sad and alone in the mangrove forest until sunset with friends camping along streams, raising the glass of dancing, singing in the flickering firelight ... Nha Phu attractive too many visitors a day and still waiting to return.


It is perfect if you can combine a visit to Nha Phu lagoon – Nhatrang beach during your Vietnam travel plan.