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August 20, 2008


Five old movies that you may have missed and that would be a shame:

“Go”. Funny, edgy and a great script.
“Jacobs Ladder” - scary and hello, Tim Robbins can act!  It'll make you forgive him for "Cadillac Man".
“True Romance” - One of the best ad-lib exchanges ever between Hopper and Walken.
“Mr. Roberts” - Because I love Jack Lemmon.  (Thanks for the second "m", Noelle).
“Barfly” - So many great Bukowski lines in this one.

I don't really believe in punching people, not even Charlie Sheen.  This is more of a I-wish-I-could-punch-these-people-and-get-away-with-it-list. 

5 Most Punchable People of the decade:

Ryan Seacrest
Aaron Neville’s voice
The entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy
The writers of Law and Order
Andy Garcia. I know this one doesn’t really fit but I really want to punch him.

I would have added me the the list but I do occasionally punch myself.  It firms up your face muscles.

What is wrong with me?