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July 05, 2017

A sympathy card doesn't have to be all that sad.

We’ve all heard of the condolence greeting card, this is where someone has suffered a tragedy and you send them a card to express your sympathy.

But a condolence card doesn’t necessarily have to be over something really sad like a death in the family, it can also be for something that is not all that sad, but still shows the recipient of the card that you care and are thinking about them.

For example, what if you unthinkingly ate your roommate’s last piece of cake, you’re just human after all, you were hungry and here in the refrigerator is that gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and there was nothing else left to eat in the refrigerator because you and your roommate never restock the shared food supplies.

She had clearly left a small note on the piece of cake that said, “Jeanne, don’t eat.”

You ate the cake anyway.

What better way to make up than to buy a MemoryTag card for as little as $3 the one that says “I was Hangry, Forgive me.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry

You could use the card’s video capability to take your smartphone and record a message of apology, downloading the MemoryTag app and placing the video recording on the small patch on the card. Your roommate uses her smartphone, opens the card and plays back your message.

You could say something like, “All my life I have felt deprived and tried to make up for it with heartless acts of insensitivity. I don’t deserve a friend like you….” Then promise to buy some more cake. Your roommate will forgive you.

Or how about celebrating a friend’s half birthday? Perhaps your friend is getting older and doesn’t like getting old. What better way to celebrate not being that much older than they were on their last birthday than by celebrating a birthday that isn’t…….yet? You were 67 years old on your last birthday, and you could never ever envision being this old before, and you’re going to be 68 in just six months…but you’re not there yet.

That’s good news.

You’re still 67…….and a half. Let’s celebrate. Let’s go out and have a drink.

A MemoryTag card that says, “You’re Old, but I Don’t Carrot All” is the perfect non-birthday pre-birthday card. https://memorytag.cards/collections/birthday. In the video on the card you can give encouragement for example something that says getting older isn’t all bad, for instance, have yourself saying, “Hey, you know what, when you get this age, they stop calling you a stupid (F…ing) idiot and instead call you “Eccentric!”

Do you have someone from your high school class of whom you were once insanely jealous? They were the football hero on the high school football team and won a roomful of trophies and they were practically worshipped as a living god. But then, when they tried to continue the glory after high school, they faded out. They didn’t make it in college football.They didn’t make it to the pros.

Life for this guy stopped at high school. No matter what he did in the years afterward, it could never compare to the glory of high school.

The only photos of friends on his Facebook page are old high school friends (now all of them are grey- haired).

Or maybe it’s that blonde vixen cheerleader who was so gorgeous and who all the guys panted after and you saw her on her Facebook page today—and oh my God! She’s turned into a dumpy little old lady.

Unlike the ex-cheerleader, you haven’t changed much at all.You’re still as ugly as you were in high school.

In other words the high school football star and the cheerleader went from hero to zero in just two months of time (from a senior in high school to starting college).

This is your chance to get even without being cruel. Send one of MemoryTag’s “Sorry” cards for example the one that reads, “Sometimes Sh’t Doesn’t Go as Planned.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.

You don’t have to be specific about what you mean about their fall from the heights of idolatry. It’s just a delicious subtle way (like a whisper in the ear) you can enjoy their being brought down from the heights of glory to having to stumble around in the horse manure like the rest of us.

How about Cynthia, a stuck-up prude, who is often a bitch, and you don’t know why you have her as a female friend? Cynthia is pretentious, arrogant, pompous, she knows she is better educated than you (she can recite all of the English kings), and she often refers to you as a “Tart” (that’s an unkind word for a female).

Her father died in Hawaii and Cynthia went there to attend the funeral and you forgot that was the purpose of the trip thinking it was a vacation and innocently asked her at a party, “How was Hawaii?”

Cynthia flew into a rage.

To make up, send her a MemoryTag card that says, “Sorry for Being Such a Little Sh’t.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.