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March 06, 2009


Why is mediocrity prevalent?  Or maybe I should ask, why is lameness popular?

Seriously, another Transformer movie? If a robot can turn in to a car or truck, why does it need to shot a gun? Why can't it just turn his arm into a cannon?  Why is there a remake of the Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3? Madea goes to Jail and Paul Blart Mall Cop were popular, couldn't a sane adult look at those films and go no thank you.  

And why do people think Jay Leno is funny? Watching the first few Jimmy Fallon shows I thought Jay's writers did both shows. It was so unfunny, so dreadful, yet I'm sure he'll be on for years. A far cry from Conan's show, or Letterman's.  He had months to come up with good material and the best he could do was to get audience members licking objects for $10 bucks, or riffing on facebook tags.

As someone who prefers to work late at night I usually have the TV on , I use to love watching Carson then Dave. Today it's Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Dave and Conan, but Conan's off to LA until June.  Sadly I think LA will neuter him, not to say good comedy can not come out of LA, but New York was so much a part of his old show's DNA. Take it out and will be more like Leno?