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June 30, 2014

Find more at My Life with Bradley Cooper on Instagram. http://instagram.com/mylifewithbradleycooper

Let’s face it. People do a lot of things on the internet that at first seem weird, but upon further inspection are actually really great and, honestly, call into question why all of us aren’t doing this sort of thing all the time.

Meet Danielle. Just a few months back, Danielle bought a cardboard cutout of Hollywood leading man Bradley Cooper and started documenting her life with him in it. When asked why she did such a thing, Danielle simply said “why the fuck not?”

And that’s really, all you need to know. Below are some of their greatest moments together, but don’t you worry you’re pretty little head off, there’s obviously more. You can follow their epic, nonsensical journey, over at My Life with Bradley Cooper on Instagram.

h/t Bro Bible