Have you ever considered giving your pet a greeting card?

This isn’t foolish, you already buy toys and treats for your dog, brushes to brush him; you lavish attention on him and consider him to be a member of your family, you give him scraps from your dinner table, and little expensive specially bought treats when he poops outside in the yard like he’s supposed to.

Why not a MemoryTag card? MemoryTag has a line of cards just for your pet with video capability.

Here’s an idea. The next time you go on a vacation and have to board your dog at the kennel for a week, create a MemoryTag greeting card for your dog. Simply use your smartphone to record a message of yourself and using the app place it on the card.

Then tell the kennel manager or attendant, “Here’s a card, I want you to use your smartphone, download the app (you slip them a couple extra bucks for this), and play back my message on the card to my dog every day that I’m gone until I return.”

The kennel attendant plays your video on the card for your dog sitting in its kennel cage during your absence. There you are reassuring your dog that you’re only gone for a few days and that you’ll be back so don’t worry and that when you come back you’ll give the dog a special treat.

Your dog hears the sound of your voice and sees you too (in miniature). You think dogs don’t know anything? Dogs are smart.

Check out these cards. https://memorytag.cards/collections/animal

I had a dog named Bodie. He was a big fat dog. When he wagged his tail, he didn’t just wag his tail, he wagged his whole body. One time I took Bodie to the beach where they let you turn your dog off the leash. Bodie wandered down the beach while I picked up sea shells.

When he was about 100 years away on the sand, I got down on my knees and called him, “Here Bodie, c’mon boy!”

Bodie started charging across the sand towards me. I stood up and coaxed him on. Bodie picked up speed. Bodie was like the old baseball player Babe Ruth, as fat as he was, it was surprising how fast he could run on his spindly legs.

It only became clear to the both of us when Bodie had reached within about 20 yards of me that he was not going to be able to stop in time because of his momentum and his bulk. Bodie bowled me over like an NFL tackle. My wife ran up and once she determined I wasn’t dead snapped a picture.

The photo shows me flat on my back on the sand, with paw prints around my head. Bodie was now 50 yards beyond—–still trying to put on the brakes.

You gotta love a dog like this.

What better way to express your love than with a MemoryTag card.

Here’s a MemoryTag card that looks just like Bodie. https://memorytag.cards/collections/animal/products/doggie-glasses

MemoryTag has all sorts of cards with photos of dogs, plus other pets, bunnies, ponies, and parrots.

If you have a parrot I’m sure you love your bird but I’m not so sure he loves you. Parrots tend to be angry animals some of them and why not, spending most of their time in a cage as they do. Now, if you love your bird I’m sorry to tell you this, but parrots like dogs are very intelligent animals. This is probably what the parrot is thinking when you come up to greet your parrot.

“Oh, it’s you again? Look fu’k face, why don’t you make yourself useful and get me a cuddle bone to chew? I’m 40 years old and you know what, I never liked you and I still don’t. You want me to say Polly want a cracker?…..Fu’k that! I’m not gonna repeat something you want me to say, I have my own words, like, ‘Look at that fat head of yours.’ You say it! You say Polly want a cracker. Think of it, I could have been gliding through the air across a golden sea in Costa Rica where I’m supposed to be and instead I’m stuck in this damned cage all day staring at my bird droppings and I could have been eating luscious jungle berries and mating with some hot (parrot) chick and instead what do I have? You! Yeah, yeah go ahead and put your hand in the cage. I’ll gouge out a hunk of flesh from your hand with my powerful beak you bastard you deserve it.”

If your parrot thinks this about you, you might consider this card, the one that reads, “Angry Bird.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/animal

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