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Published: October 05, 2010
Description: $60,000 in stolen Sam's Club and BJ Wholesale merchandise before being voted for class president.
So some dastardly fellow by the name of Pedro burglarized credit cards and memberships to 15 Sam's club and 12 BJ's Wholesale ware-house stores.
This guy walked away with almost $60,000 in goods!
Now I'm not the mastermind behind this sinister plan, but Pedro knows his stuff. The article doesn't go into detail, but Pedro walked away with 12 pallets of Cottonelle double-ply toilet tissue, 8 pallets of Axe body wash, 11 pallets of Elliot's pizza and of course 7 pallets of Mountain Dew. Not before stopping to nab every Slim Jim available during check out. Now that's hard work!
Pedro was earlier questioned about his lack of citizen-ship, but was later let go by the state of Arizona.