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January 07, 2009


What is destiny..? Is it decided.oR made by one self.

I have personally seen my destiny in a lot different ways . Always i don't know why when time passes  you feel is this Your destiny...?..Is this where you wanted to be..?

Your .destiny. is not only for you , but for the people around you also i. e. you decide your destiny but it does affect lives around you.

Your closed ones always expect you to have a good destiny, but is this good destiny
always possible .
I think no. I have been through experiences that slip my destiny from one tree to another.

I think this is kind of weird because there are a lot of things that decide your destiny...
I think i ll leave it incomplete here.. because people with the same experience will help me completing it.

    I would love to talk the people who have been through the same thing.
                   thank you