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October 23, 2008


Trust this decision took sometime for me, after all I am not an easy win. But then I was also raised to think that color was a main factor. Anbd like a lot of people I thought he was not ready to take the position. But his life makes him ready, the fact that he came from low means and not only finished what his grandmother started in his life but is an example to all males and females a like regardless to their skin or race. He came to a place where he wants that same change for us all.

When I look at the elections I see a world that needs that change and are willing to trust that goal to a man that knows how it is to be on food stamps low income and have dreams that one day he would be someone that helps the underdog. A man that I can say stands on self success. Yes they say he is a hustler, but I would rather have a hustler lead me than a con man and an under the line lady who is good at using her power over those who are under her.

Like many others that have done as he plans to do our world has been better off. It is time for each one of us to help one another and seek ways to start the change for the future. He knows dollars and sense and he also has a grasp on what we need to heal and move on.

It is not because he is black or half black it is because of the truth, he knows how to make money and like me he is biracial and knows the difficulty that all people face. But more so he knows what is like to have conversations that include us as wrong.  Low income is not fun and that is what the other guys seem to strive on. It is time to get out us of debt again, and on the road to self success and bringing jobs, health and strength to us all.


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